Abolition of Family Clause by a senior Indian Player

As we, all know the cricket board always looks for the player and for the family of the player. For that, they formed a particular set of rules which every player needs to follow so that they can easily manage both of the things i.e. his game and his family. These sets of rules are known as Family Clause where all the rules and regulations for the family of the cricketer are mentioned. However, according to some latest news, a senior player of the Indian Cricket team flouted these rules in the 2019 World Cup. According to the rules and regulations for the family of the cricketer, the family is allowed to stay with the player only for 15 days but in World Cup 2019, the family of that player stays for more than 7 weeks, which is completely against the rules of Family Clause. 

Because of it, he is under the custody of the Indian Cricket Board, and all the required actions are taken for that player. The board is asking that player why he stopped her wife and told her to stay with him for 15 more days. He thought that nobody would look after this matter but the Committee of Administrators has a sharp eye over this matter. They caught the player while violating these rules and the matter is reported under Indian Cricket Board to take the required actions towards the player. Everybody was supposing that the wife of the player stays with him for 15 days but after investigating, the committee found that his wife stayed with him for 7 weeks, which is a quite large time to stay and show the irresponsible nature of the player. However, there is a policy where the family of the player can stay 안전놀이터 with the player if he needs them but for that, the player needs to give a proper explanation and then the coach and the captain decide whether they have to permit them or not.

In this case, both captain and coach are unaware of this thing and this thing made the matter more crucial for the board. In a meeting of Coal, they read 6-sub clause G. Along with that, they also read a document in which some of the things that are mentioned:

  • Coal discussed a request of a senior player for extending the stay of his wife during World Cup 2019.
  • Coal also mentioned that the matter of extending the stay has to be discussed with the senior players and this does not show that the board has given their approval.
  • At last, they decided not to extend the staying request of any concerned player. 

According to some of the reports that are coming from the Coal meeting is that the matter of extending the staying period has to be discussed with the captain of the team, with the coach of the team. However, this time BCCI has confirmed that they will take all the possible actions towards this matter.

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